To love is to place our happiness
in the happiness of another.
G.W. Von Leibnitz

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Throughout the ages, we have asked our horses to perform very challenging
feats, most of which go totally against their nature, and generally are not of their free choice.  Only because of our horses' incredible generosity, willingness to please, and adaptability, have we been able to 'use' them to serve our personal and professional needs.

Today, most domestic horses are ridden or driven for sport---leisure and competitive.  Therefore, we owe them our focused attention on their comfort and well-being.  That means teaching and training them--treating them with patience and understanding, just as we do our children, rather than like mere "beasts of burden" or tools for achieving our own goals.

If we pay attention, we will see that horses always 'tell' us how they feel about our demands. Their facial expressions and body language are like an open book to anyone who cares enough to read them.  If you haven't already, it's never too late to start reading...

Heike driving
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